Friday, 20 January 2017

Stroller For Baby | Buying Baby Strollers

OK, so you’ve been out buying baby strollers, but have you consider whether it is just a fashion accessory or does it just deserve some special treatment for your child?! If you just want a top branded stroller that everybody knows is expensive, go out and get all the accessories and cover it with a bit of bling then yes, it is a fashion statement. However, even if you do that, but take baby out every day for a good walk then I would suggest you are just personalizing your baby stroller and know darn well what you should be doing with it!

Customizing your stroller is actually quite a fun and unique thing you can do and there are several ways you can do this. Buy a new parasol or recover an old one in some funky fabric and decorate it how you please. However, be careful that there are no loose bits that baby can reach. You can also put some bright LCD lights in the wheels so you can be seen more easily, particularly useful if you are often out in the dark. If you are really artistic, jazz up the covers with some waterproof paints (you may be out in the rain!).

A great way to make your stroller individual is to have a customized name plate for it! Not well known, but for around $12 you can choose from several designs or send your own image in. Just add the name and this little 3 x 9 reflective badge will make your stroller stand out from the rest! There are others on the market for a lot more ($40 plus), but you can get the cheaper versions here.

Schwinn jogging stroller

I’m sure there are lots more things you can think of to individualize your stroller, but do keep in mind how the stroller functions and safety as this must always be your primary concern. I look forward to seeing a few strollers out there with personalities of their own rather than them just being a fashion accessory! So whether you have a funky Schwinn Jogging Stroller or one of the ever popular Phil and Teds strollers they can all benefit from personalization! And, an added benefit is that you’ll always be able to see it when parked among a lot of other strollers!

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